Lineé van der Meer

M.A. Clin. Psych (honours)

I am a clinical psychologist and wellness coach specialising in maternal mental health and wellness.

I’ve completed my training as a clinical psychologist in 2010, and have since worked in the public and private sectors, offering psychotherapy and assessment to adults and children dealing with various issues.

Maternal mental health has always been an interest of mine. It was, however, only after I became a mama and experienced the joys and tribulations of early motherhood for myself, that I realised just how passionate I am about this. I decided to pursue my interest in this field more fully, and engaged in further professional development in order to specialise.

In addition to psychology, I also have a keen interest in holistic health and wellness and enjoy researching and learning about natural and complementary approaches that can support our mental and physical health and well being.

I am registered with the New Zealand Psychologists Board and a member of the New Zealand Psychological Society.

Doing work that I love is something that I am deeply grateful for. I am honoured to be walking alongside fellow mamas, helping them face the challenges, see their potential and become the women they were born to be.